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Optic Crystal Awards

When you want to express the highest recognition and appreciation, optic crystal awards are the premier choice. Our optic crystal personalized awards are made without lead, producing a product that is exceedingly hard. That means it can be cut, beveled and smoothed to a flawless finish.

Optic Crystal Awards

Optic crystal recognition awards come in wide range of designs and styles, appropriate for teams upon completing a project and corporate awards for years of service. They are sculpted in a variety of shapes and with themes that make them appropriate for trophies, for leadership and artistry awards and to recognize an array of roles and industries.

The natural properties of optic crystal, clear, translucent and glowing, make it much sought after. The beveling lets light bounce off the surface, dazzling the eye. Special bases can be added to give them added height. To show the highest esteem, give optic crystal engraved awards, using the most advanced laser engraving techniques.

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