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Made in USA

Supporting American industry by buying Made in the USA awards is appreciated by the people you give the awards to.. It shows not just patriotism, but the dynamic effects of buying local have on the economy. The selection of Made in the USA recognition awards is huge, including crystal, glass, acrylic, wood, stone, marble and metal.

Personalized Made in the USA awards are perfect for military-related gifts, companies that thrive in this country, sports teams and clubs. Actually, anyone who wishes to support local industry will be proud to receive a Made in the USA award. Some may be priced slightly higher than imported versions, but the knowledge that you are supporting American workers helps to offset the increased price.

Laser engraved Made in the USA awards are much more personal than an out-of-the-box choice. Each time the recipient sees the plaque, uses the vase or box, or moves the paperweight, she will think cordial thoughts of the people who thought enough to give it to her and engrave her name and the reason for the award on it.
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