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Diamond Awards

Diamonds have long been a symbol of value and high quality. Used as recognition awards, they are an upscale and attractive way to reward high performance and winning effort. They speak of clarity and multi-faceted ability when used as trophies. Also see our collection of gemstone awards.

Diamond recognition awards show you value highly the contribution of your employee, executive or team leader. They come in a wide range of styles, materials and sizes. Crystal diamond awards are often set on the top of a column, which you can engrave with the recipient’s name and dates. Azure diamonds are especially attention getting, with their shimmering blue tint.

Acrylic personalized awards in the shape of a diamond let you engrave the diamond shape itself. These can be tinted with colors like jade or ruby. They attract the light and make a fashionable gift for display on a desk or case. Or combine a crystal diamond on a wooden base, which is engraved.
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