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Custom Awards

For special events, you can order custom recognition awards for your company, club or team to give that special someone. Custom trophies are especially helpful for local races or sporting events. They acknowledge the contributions of players or group members who have made a major difference for everyone. Custom awards also convey your company brand at special events.

Personalized custom awards can be made in any design, using all types of materials. They can be as small as a pin or badge or as large as a chair or tent. Custom trophies can be made to look like a special landmark, in the shape of a caricature of a local celebrity or your company mascot. They can be plain or elaborate. You are limited strictly by your imagination.

Laser engraved custom awards are highly prized. Not only are they specially made gifts, they also have the recipient’s name and the reason for the award. Each time he uses it or shows it off, he will think back on the event where he received it and the people who gave it to him.
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