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Crystal Globe Awards

Crystal globe awards tell the recipient she has made a world of difference. These elegant spheres are beautiful to look at and a pleasure to hold in your hands. Engraved crystal globe awards are a much appreciated. The hard, flawless finish is the perfect surface for laser engraving.

Choose from a wide range of designs among our crystal globe awards. They comes with dashes of color, various bases and many are etched. A popular design is a map of the continents, making it a true globe. They come in many sizes and motifs. You can choose them in two tones and sitting on columns. Find the most suitable design for your recipient, based on the type of business or group and the reason for the award.

Laser engraved crystal globe awards personalize the trophy, giving it even more meaning for the person receiving it. Add their name and the date of the award. Put your logo on it. Add a special motto or a compliment. These crystal globe recognition awards are much prized by the people they are given to, appreciated for a lifetime.
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